Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November - Why there aren't going to be more posts here

Alright, that's a bit of a long title, and the answer is probably too simple: I'm writing. I'm literally putting all of my energy into writing and then, some lucky days, reading some. The thing is, I'd probably be able to write a few posts and get them up this month, but there's a problem - I don't know what I should write because I'm not really reading and all my brain power is being put into writing.

I have a few ideas for posts, the ones I've been circling around in my head, and I know there are some reviews that I'm long overdue for (and I'm still behind on my mini-reviews, as always). But I literally have no brain power at the moment to do that.

I actually forgot about writing up my NaNoWriMo week one wrap up until the day it was suppose to be posted (or the day after that, I can't remember. I also am pretty sure I mentioned that in said post, but it bares repeating to make the point).

Basically - I'm so sorry, I will try and make up for it in December, and I do have a lot of mosts I should be getting up that'll probably be going up then (I'll write them after I sleep for three days, read, and blindly stare at the wall). I also feel like I've just been in a blogging slump, mostly because I feel like I was in a little bit of reading slump (and then as soon as I wanted to read all the things... HA, sucker, it's writing time. Dammit). Anyway, I already can't wait for December to read, hopefully that'll stay around, and I am hopeful it will because stress needs books.

I hope your November is not sapping all of your brain power and energy. Or at least that it's worth it (like NaNo is to me). I hope to see you all in December, hopefully I'm still in one piece.

(Also - apologies for any mistakes, I wrote this in a few minutes and scheduled it, just making sure there were no red squiggles. I honestly did that and laid down to pass out - it's that kind of month, my friends. Maybe I could do a WWW Wednesday to talk about The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves... maybe I'll save it for next week, talking to myself in posts is probably not a sign of sanity).

(You might have seen this accidentally go up after I wrote it - I'm sorry, forgot the scheduling thingy. This is the least... not profession, but maybe sane, post I hope you'll ever see here. Have a good and nice day/night/week/month/year/life).

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