Saturday, August 30, 2014

Beat the Heat Read-A-Thon: Update Post (2)

So this is going to wrap up the last few days of the read-a-thon. I'm not going to do a while wrap-up, because I already have my final Bout of Books wrap-up and I'll have a monthly wrap-up going up. It's been a great reading month and I had a ton of fun participating in these read-a-thons.

Update Post (1)
Beat the Heat announcement post

First off - I didn't read anything Monday or Tuesday and only  few page Wednesday, so I'm just going to lump in those handfull of pages with Thursday.

Thursday, August 28th:
Number of Books Read Today: 2
Total Number of Books: 22
Pages Read Today: 304
Total Number of Pages: 5,611
The Importance of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde (started and finished - 93 pages)
Ariel: The Restored Edition by Sylvia Plath (started and finished - 211 pages)

I had a weird amount of fun reading today, considering what I was reading for most of the day, but I've discovered I love Plath's poems!

Friday, August 29th:
Didn't end up reading anything, sadly, was a bit of a hectic, not fun day.

I didn't read much more, just some of The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson (I got to mage 289). So I didn't finish anything else, but I think 22 is a very good number, so I'm not too upset about it.
Total Number of Pages Read: 5,900

This was a lot of fun, though, I love read-a-thons. Anyone know of any in September?

August Wrap-Up

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