Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 2014 Read-A-Thons Update Post (Tackle Your TBR & treesofreverie) (2)

Have you guys realized my read-a-thon addiction? It's getting pretty series, this is the second time I've done two read-a-thons at the same time and it's technically more then that. Anyway, the Tackle Your TBR read-a-thon goes until the 20th, while the treesofreverie read-a-thon takes place from the 14th to the 28th (15 days in total).

Sunday, September 14th:
Number of Books Read Today: 1
Total Number of Books(Tackle Your TBR): 7
Total Number of Books(treesofreverie): 1
Pages Read Today: 583
Total Number of Pages(TBR): 2,409
The Battle of the Labyrinth (PJ #4) by Rick Riordan (started and finished - 368 pages)
The Last Olympian (PJ#5) by Rick Riordan (started - 215 pages)

I didn't actually mean to binge read all five of these books in a row, but shit happens. I'd totally forgotten how big of a Percy/Annabeth shipper I am. Also - how just plain thick Percy is at points is eye roll inducing.

I seriously love this series, though. So sad, but excited, for the companion series to draw to a close early next month.

Monday, September 15th:
Number of Books Read Today: 2
Total Number of Books(Tackle Your TBR): 9
Total Number of Books(treesofreverie): 3
Pages Read Today: 412
Total Number of Pages(TBR): 2,821
Total Number of Pages(trees): 995
The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson #3) by Rick Riordan (finished - 168 pages)
Revolver by Marcus Sedgwick (started and finished - 204 pages)
Percy Jackson's Greek Gods by Rick Riordan (started 40 pages)

I am really glad I reread the Percy Jackson series now. I'd really like to read all the short stories (and Percy Jackson's Greek Gods) and then reread the Heroes of Olympus series before the last one comes out, and they're fun. So far - Percy Jackson's Greek Gods is making Greek mythology seem even more ridiculous, which is pretty impressive.

Revolver by Marcus Sedgwick was surprising and very good. I'm not sure what I was expecting, I just knew it was probably going to be tense - and it was and I really enjoyed it and will definitely be reading more of is stuff.

Tuesday, September 16th:
Number of Books Read Today: 1
Total Number of Books(Tackle Your TBR): 10
Total Number of Books(treesofreverie): 4
Pages Read Today: 457
Total Number of Pages(TBR): 3,275
Total Number of Pages(trees): 1,452
Percy Jackson's Greek Gods by Rick Riordan (continued - 142 pages)
Single by Saturday (Weekday Brides #4) by Catherine Bybee (started and finished - 315 pages)

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods is a ridiculous amount of fun - mostly because some (most) of the Greek myths are a little ridiculous and in Percy's voice they become very more ridiculous. Basically I'm loving it and I highly recommend it for fans of the Percy Jackson series - just be warned the book is the actual size of my torso.

The Weekday Brides series is romance fluff and, apparently, I am addicted. I really like the characters, and it's the same group over and over and then getting together with people and then random serious things happening. I have no idea why I can devour them in one sitting, but they're perfect for breaks, even though I'm surrounded by books I currently really want to read, that in itself can be slightly frightening. (And I definitely have a cold and some fun fluff is good for that, I think, and not having to think too hard, mostly).

Saying all that - they're not bad books, by a long shot. I'd probably give the series a solid 3/5 stars - liked it, but nothing that made me head over heels for it, I've got one left of the out books.

Wednesday, September 17th:
Number of Books Read Today: 1
Total Number of Books(Tackle Your TBR): 11
Total Number of Books(treesofreverie): 5
Pages Read Today: 308
Total Number of Pages(TBR): 3,583
Total Number of Pages(trees): 1,760
Taken by Tuesday (Weekday Brides series #5) by Catherine Bybee (started and finished - 308 pages)

It was not a good reading day - I had a severe case of kind of panicing about all the books I wanted to / could be reading. And just ended up procrastinating and not really getting anything done until I forced myself to get off my laptop and read something.

Thursday, September 18th:
I honestly didn't read a single page today. Stuff happened, but I did manage to work out for the first time in over a year! And ow, but it happened, hopefully it continues to happen just maybe not tomorrow, depending on my soreness. Anyway - I hope you had a better reading day then I did or just a good day in general! What are you currently reading?

Friday, September 18th:
Number of Books Read Today: 1
Total Number of Books(Tackle Your TBR): 12
Total Number of Books(treesofreverie): 6
Pages Read Today: 276
Total Number of Pages(TBR): 3,859
Total Number of Pages(trees): 2,036
Opal Fire (A Stacy Justice Mystery #1) by Barbra Annino (started and finished - 276 pages)

This week I've, apparently, been really using Kindle Unlimited, it is nice to not have to buy all the kindle books I buy. Or try and find them on Overdrive. Anyway - I only gave Opal Fire 2 stars. I almost DNFed it after 25 pages, but ended up finishing it. I'll admit I skimmed parts of it, and I don't think I'll be continuing with the series, sadly, but at least it was something that was quick to read to try and pull me out of this funk I've fallen into.

Saturday, September 20th:
Number of Books Read Today: 2
Total Number of Books(Tackle Your TBR): 14
Total Number of Books(treesofreverie): 8
Pages Read Today: 560
Total Number of Pages(TBR): 4,419
Total Number of Pages(trees): 2,596
Not Quite Dating (Not Quite #1) by Catherine Bybee
Not Quite Mine (Not Quite #2) by Catherine Bybee

I might of been up until 3am accidentally reading Not Quite Dating - I don't know what it is about this authors books. You just get invested fast, well I do, and then her series are with the same group of characters and, apparently, I'm a sucker for that. I don't know if I'd really recommend them, though I did enjoy and live them and gave them three stars.

And, with that, it's the end of part two of my September read-a-thon updates posts. Part three will contain the remaining of the Trees of Reverie read-a-thon (link will be here when posted, could be a few days).

And I'll be posting a wrap-up of all the books I read for the Tackle Your TBR read-a-thon and my final stats for it and thoughts. I hope you're having a great day and month, in general and in reading.


  1. Have fun keeping both of the RAT's straight. Lol! We've pre-ordered the last book in Heroes of Olympus. My son LOVES all his books, so it was part of his bday gift. :) Have a great day!

    1. I am trying, I've done it before (RAT juggling). And I've been reading Riordan's books for years now, so I'm excited to get that last book in my hands! I hope you had a great day, too. :)