Thursday, July 17, 2014

BookTubeAThon - Day Three | treesofreverie - Day Seven

Today was even a worst day for reading for me - but there was one point where I just decided not to force myself to read and try again tomorrow. I'm a little annoyed at myself, but since I'm such a mood reader, I can't change that.

Number of Books Completed Today: 0

Book(s) Currently-Reading:
(Skullduggery Pleasant #1) - Scepter of the Ancients  by Derek Landy (started - 92 pages)
The Half-Made World (The Half-Made World #1) by Felix Gilman (started - 31 pages)

Pages Read Today: 123 pages (that's a sad number to see)

Total Number of Books Read: 6

Total Number of Pages Read: 1,836

treesofreverie total page count and books finished: 2, 561 | 9 books

The reason Skullduggery is listed like that up there is because it was originally just called that, but apparently the first book is now called Scepter of the Ancients - at least that's what I think I'v figured out, maybe it's just a US thing, I don't know, but that's what my book says in large letters.

Anyway - I hope tomorrow is going to be better, I think it will, and I hope I finish a book tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'll keep going with The Half-Made World for this read-a-thon, just because I don't want to rush through it, and I kind of want to read it for the Underrated Books read-a-thon, but I don't think I'm going to participate in that because too much pressure and LeakyCon.

And now I'm rambling and I'm so, so exhausted I think I'm delirious. I could of finished all the challenges today if I'd just finished one book, but oh well.

I hope your day was good and you got some pages read. Leave me a comment telling me what you read, even if you're not participating in BookTubeAThon or treesofreverie.

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