Wednesday, July 16, 2014

BookTubeAThon - Day Two | treesofreverie - Day Six

Today was, obviously, not as good of a reading day as yesterday - I don't think it could of been. Anyway, to explain.

Number of Books Completed Today: 1

Book(s) Completed:
Severed Heads, Broken Hearts (aka: The Beginning of Everything) by Robyn Schneider (started and finished - 335 pages)

Book(s) Currently-Reading:
Also haven't started anything, might before I go to sleep, but will be tomorrow by then.

Pages Read Today: 335

Total Number of Books Read(BookTubeAThon): 6

Total Number of Pages Read(BookTubeAThon): 1,713

Total Books Finished for treesofreverie: 9

Total Pages read for treesofreverie: 2,438

Today was a little rough. I went through the normal struggles of what do I read next ahhh and that was fine, and I ended up reading and finished The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider (I have the UK edition and, in my head, it'll always be the severed heads book). Which was amazing and I'm really glad I finally got to it, I am actually honestly embarrassed how long it took me to get to.

And then the day went a little down hill in general, hopefully tomorrow will be better and I can get some more reading done, especially then today.

Anyway - that book knocked out the challege of reading a book that someone picks out for you. So I've so far completed 4 challenges, I believe (read a book with pictures in it, red on the cover. start and finish a series, and a book someone picked out - I think that's all the ones I've completed)

Day One / Day Five wrap - up

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